Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Of Flannel Sheets and Cozy Fires....

Dearest Readers,

Time has slipped away once again, gently sweeping me into another season with all its many diversions....I regret it has been such a long time between posts...thank you ever so much for your kind and sweet inquiries into my absence.

I have, much like so many of you, my dear readers, been ever so occupied with canning and stocking my pantry with the abundant bounty of the garden....I have one large batch of tomatoes left to put-by and then Dearest and I will put the garden to rest.

The nights are now quite chilly and today I pulled the flannel sheets from my Keeping closet to give them a good washing...tonight we shall slumber under their downy softness with the added warmth of an extra "comfort" or two.

Both our woodstoves have been put into service and are providing us with delightful warmth today. Our old furnace has been replaced and this newer model offers a fan nice it will be to be able to circulate the warm air from the woodstoves throughout the upstairs.

Our old windows still need to be sealed-up and winterized before we are ready to do battle with Old Man Winter. I would like to make a few quilted shades to help us keep the winter winds outside...where they belong.

Tonight's supper will be leftovers of BBQ Ribs, Green Bean Casserole and I will open another jar of pickles (we are dwindling down my stock in quite a hurry)! So off I go to make a batch of cookies...hmmm....I think Oatmeal Raisin sound just about right.

Yours so kindredly,

P.S. Thank you to all my friends back East who have given Dearest and I sage advice about our trip to Amish country....we are looking forward to our trip later this month!