Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Home Again.....

Dearest Readers,

We are home again....while I just love to travel, there is nothing like the comfort I feel when I return home!

Amish country was beautiful and we enjoyed ourselves immensely. We had the pleasure of delightful conversation with a number of Amish folks...and wouldn't you know it...they are just like the rest of us....happy, humorous and friendly. We bought a sweet little dresser for the upstairs bedroom from the nicest Amish couple in Walnut Creek.

Lehman's was a dream come true....I think they may have had some re-stocking to do after we left! So many useful and downright pretty things to choose from...I bought a little from each category: cabbage slicer, butter mold, parts for my kerosene lamp, a little knob of the wood stove, etc., from the practical category...a spectacular parlour lamp and smaller kerosene lamp with reflector, along with a miniature cook stove from the pretty category.

I won't even talk about the food....just suffice to say....yummy, yummy! I LOVE mashed potatoes and gravy and you could get them everywhere all the time. I sincerely had to go on a little diet when we returned home, lest I not have anything in my closet that fit.

We went to historic villages, markets, cheese factories, flea markets, the Pro Football Hall of Fame, fabric stores, not to mention craft & quilt shops, all the while enjoying the magnificent countryside around us. We even managed to head up North to take a peek at Lake Erie before heading West on was a full-to-overflowing trip.

We took our time on the return trip and managed to stop at a few antique stores in Iowa and Nebraska. We were rewarded with another dresser (for the downstairs bedroom) and a golden oak Victorian high-chair. I have been searching for a Victorian high-chair for at least half a dozen is too precious.

We were gone about 10 days and it seemed to take awhile to return to our normal routine. Finally, the laundry is tucked away, cookies are once again the jar and our days flow gently as before. Bliss.

And yes, you are seeing holly and gingerbread making an appearance in the above photograph.... I have begun to decorate my home for Christmas. Now normally, I wait until the turkey is at least carried away from the table, but this year I wanted to take my time and re-do a few of my vignettes, so the carols are playing and I am humming along as I decorate with abandon!

Thanks, once again, to all the lovely folks who gave us good advice with regard to our made our trip a splendid one!

Yours kindredly,

P.S. I am making my way over to all of your fine blogs one at a time...I have missed all of you.


Heather said...

I am so envious!!!! I am so glad that you and your husband had a lovely time! Have a blessed Thanksgiving!

Love, Heather

Keeper of the Past said...

Beautiful blog...thanks for letting me enjoy your travels.
Happy Thanksgiving