Saturday, August 28, 2010

Tasha Tudor Day

Dearest Readers,

What a lovely "Tasha" day I have gentle and slow....a day to savor. The day started with beautiful sunshine streaming into my small kitchen. I pulled out a copy of the Tasha Tudor Cookbook (from the is on my Christmas list) and decided to make the Blueberry Muffins...

This is a delightfully easy recipe and makes 18 muffins...that is quite a large batch.....

I must admit to wanting the muffins to "hurry-up" and bake...but then I remembered that Tasha did not believe in hurry...

A delectable muffin along with a cup of tea for my morning meal....wonderful!

After tidying up the kitchen...I pondered about what to do next?

What could be more Tasha-like than drawing? Out came my colored pencils and my parchment paper...I wanted to draw embroidery designs for two homespun aprons that I will be making in the next few weeks....

Here are my drawings (or should I say chicken scratches?) inspired by the charming illustrations found in all of Tasha's books....

I now possess my very own copy of "The Private World of Tasha Tudor"...heaven!
(I know my local library is quite pleased...I checked it out so often that I am sure they worried that it would be read until it became tattered!)

I so love sitting alone in the quiet of the afternoon, reading about Tasha's life and feeling inspired to live life to the fullest...not being afraid to be different....

Finally, I sat down in the coolness of our back parlour and watched "Take Peace". It is all about Christmas at Corgi Cottage....

I have watched it 100 times and each time I enjoy it more!
(I have ordered Take Joy and cannot wait for it to come in the
I hope you have enjoyed spending the day with me in honor of Tasha Tudor...I just love her...and I hope that you do to.

Yours so kindredly,

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Monday, August 23, 2010

Summer...lived gently....

Dearest Readers,

Our gentle lifestyle continues....weeding....watering the garden.....weeding....canning the is no wonder that my poor blog has been sorely neglected. I have missed visiting many of you and will endeavor to catch-up with my blog reading soon.

I shared my summer kitchen idea last year, but I have made some changes and wanted to share that with you this year. The above picture shows my summer kitchen in its new location...the front porch. I was wilting in the heat of the garden as I went about my tasks and decided that a better location would include shade and protection from the wind. I also added a "skirt" made from a tablecloth (on clearance at Bed, Bath and Beyond) that has pretty cutwork...I just cut it in half and added a pocket along the top. It is secured by gathering the fabric on heavy duty elastic and then using upholstery tacks to stabilize it along the perimeter. So much storage and a place for the kitties to hide!

This is a close-up of my "sink"....just a hole cut into the surface and a lovely old graniteware pail slipped into place. The water cooler is handy for rinsing your hands (there is a bar of soap and a towel nearby) after working in the garden. I can take the pail out and sweep potting soil down through the hole into my garden soil can beneath...a truly lovely and efficient workspace.

The ever beautiful Mrs. Caul-i-flower is sporting a lovely dress (and her pearls, of course!) as she does her best to shoo away pests from the garden.

Anything and everything that can hold a flower is put to good use here on our little place. You would not want to leave your shoes out of doors....I might plant a marigold or two before you return!

Let's see....what else....Oh yes, I will be celebrating Tasha Tudor Day on August 28th here on my blog, so I hope you will come by for tea!

Yours so kindredly,