Thursday, February 24, 2011

The Art of Dressing Like a Lady......

Dearest Readers,

I thought I would share my thoughts on The Art of Dressing Like a Lady...not just for special times or occasions, rather, the purposeful art of dressing beautifully and femininely each and every day. We add beauty to our homes and our gardens,why should we not consider ourselves?

When I speak of dressing like a lady, I am referring to the grace and charm that shines all about you without regard to your pocketbook or circumstances.  It is entirely free for the taking, requiring just a few thoughtful moments each day.

Now, I am not a beauty by any stretch of one's imagination but I "feel" much more beautiful if I am wearing something modest, feminine and ironed (I just don't care for wrinkles) as I gently go about my day. I feel so much more "put together" if I coordinate my outfit from top to bottom. Lastly, I enjoy curling my hair, wearing a "titch" of make-up and putting on a fashionable pin.

I share this message as an encouragement not to let society "norms" rule our hearts.  We are ladies...what a lovely, God-given privilege that is....let us embrace it with fervor and delight!

If you have posted about femininity or modest dress on your blog, I know that my Readers would love to visit you...please don't hesitate to add your blog address to your comment. 

Yours so kindredly,

P.S. This is another jumper from my favorite new pattern!  I made this one out of a washable wool blend...warm and cozy...with just a bit of trim for my Victorian passion. 


Elizabeth said...

Hi Shan,
You are beautiful I love the jumpers you have been making.I too love to dress like a lady.
Have a blessed day.

Heritage Farmgirl said...

Cute jumper Shan and love your look. I did a little dress up this week for our bi-weekly Shoestring Chic, come check it out here.


Mrs. Bee said...

Oh I love to be in a dress :)
My whole demeanor changes, my mind is focused, I feel content :)
Now my husband...dresses are fine for church but not for everyday wear. But I'm praying that if God would so allow and that it would be honoring to Him, that he will change his heart about it. I simply am going to leave it in Gods hands :)

Diane Shepard Johnson and Sarah E. Johnson said...

Dear Shan,

You look absolutely lovely in your jumper and pin! Very feminine from head to toe!

Your friends,
Diane and daughter Sarah at the Corgyncombe Courant

Granny Pam said...

I absolutely love that jumper... And the music, here on your blog, makes me smile.

Grace & Peace

Anonymous said...

Dear Shan,

There is no doubt that our inner beings are visible on the outside. Your attitude of grace and femininity shines out and you are beautiful. What a lovely yet unfussy look. You appear to have found that rare thing--shoes that are pretty yet look very comfortable!

Thank you, as always, for the inspiration.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for posting,Shan!You look beautiful,and you are an inspiration
to others that they don't have to follow the style, but follow your heart, and what lovely results when you do so. Keep up the great posts.
Blessings to you,

Pam said...

Well first of all... YOU ARE SO A BEAUTY! I can see Christ in you via your sweet little blog! I am in love with your blog!

Barbara said...

Lets try again, giggles, I do love that jumper, I have several, and love them, always so feminine, I always was a stay at home mom too, loved it, my dream was to be a wife and mother, I achieved that dream and surpassed it, not only a mom, a grandmom, and a great grand mom, many offsprings, our quiver is full indeed. Hugs sweetie, and thanks for visiting my blog too, hugs and blessings, Barbara

simply Maria said...

Dear Shan,

It is such a joy to dress like a lady. It is a gift, I believe, that we take for granted.

I am in the midst of understanding this as I go about changing my wardrobe and seeing what true modest, beautiful clothing is all about.

And I don't mean frumpy either :-)

Blessings in His Name,


Cassandra said...

So pretty! I love it!

Sandra said...

I just found your site. What a shame it is that ladies don't even look like ladies any more. Their husbands come home to a wife in a big T shirt and faded jeans. NOT feminine at all. I love the jumper pattern. My oldest daughter loves the Victorian era. I'm going to pass this along to her. I also LOVE your kitchen pictures!

LadyLydia said...

Thanks for posting this garment. Jumpers are the ideal dress, as the blouse can be changed and the jumper worn more often before washing. It is like wearing a vest over a blouse yet one piece, making less to hang in the closet. I would sure like to have the pattern for this.

Anonymous said...

What lovely jumpers you've made recently. I've been waiting all winter for them; you mentioned some time ago that you were planning them. I'm not very tall and I am rather chubby. Do you think I can get away with wearing a long jumper? I sure would like to. I remember they were so easy to move in when I wore them as a girl. I like your kitchen, too,. Mason jars are the best for storage, aren't they?

Anonymous said...

Beautiful outfit! It looks so, feminine but practical to work in also. I am trying to wear dresses more often, jeans can become such a habit each morning. My husband and daughters like me in dresses and it encourages the girls to wear them more often. I love your hair also. Could we see a picture of the back. I would love to take an example when I get my hair cut next. The stylists I go to always seem to want to do something more "modern and up to date". Maybe a picture would help. I also have "natural highlights" that I love and the stylists always want to cover!

Thank you so much for your blog, it is such an inspiration.

Canadagirl said...

I am so happy to find you today via Trish's blog. I look forward to visiting your blog more. I too find joy in dressing in modest dresses. This is a sweet post on it.