Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Update....Links to the Newscasts from Our Home

Dearest Readers,

First and foremost, thank you so very much for your continued prayers...there have been no injuries, lives or structures lost, so we are truly blessed at this time.

Yesterday morning we thought we were out of danger and we were getting ready to head to town to have breakfast and run a few errands....imagine my surprise to see two very large firetrucks coming up our road.  By the time Dearest went out to talk to them they were in their gear and heading towards the bottom of our mountain to cut fire lines. They were here to protect us throughout the day by cutting fire and wet lines so that they could back-burn against the fire to protect our homes if the fire came over the crest of the mountain.

Next, the helicopter flew over and headed towards the pond to begin using our water to make it's fire run.  We had expected it before, but the wind had grounded the choppers and this was the first time they had been allowed to come up to our place. I must say it was quite a sight to behold....but I don't ever want it to visit again!

We were gathered up at the pond to watch all the excitement, when the news crew asked our permission to take some footage of the helicopter.  After visiting with my SIL and myself the reporter asked if he could tell our story on camera and asked us a few questions...he was such a gentleman...I must say that I didn't expect that from a reporter, as they are always portrayed as quite invasive and obnoxious. We actually talked to him for about 10 or 15 minutes, so we were surprised to see what made "the cut". 

Here are two links (from our little homestead) to last night's newscasts on Channel 7, (each one is different) one at 4pm and one at 10pm (there was also a different one at 5pm, but it is not in the list of links).  You can see two of the houses (the news said we own 3, but we actually own 4 here on our property) that belong to the family.  You can't see our house as the pond is to the West of our house and was not in view of the cameras.

I did take pictures but they were of the very same things that were captured by the news report...and as their photography is much better than mine, I won't bother posting my feeble attempts.

I took the fire crew a nice big pot of coffee and some freshly baked brownies later in the afternoon, offering chili and cornbread for supper if they were hungry (my SIL and I had been offering them food and beverages all throughout the day...when you don't know what to do, you can bake!).  They said that they would probably be leaving around 7:00pm and told us a night crew would be checking on us, but felt we were out of immediate danger.  I must say that I was sorry to have them leave...not that I wanted the danger level to remain was just such a comfort to have them there standing by ready to pounce on the fire.

The fire is still burning and is about 25percent contained, despite the wind it did not grow in the that is a good sign that the fire crews will gain containment today. We still have our keepsakes in our car as we are still under orders to be prepared to leave.

We are going to try once again to go into town today and have a nice meal and then run a few errands.....we don't see any firetrucks, so I think it will be okay.....

I will keep you posted.

Yours so kindredly,


Barbara said...

Keeping you in prayer, and hope you stay safe, praying for God's hand upon you and yours.

Miss Sandra said...

Thank you for the update and the links to the newscasts. It was nice to see and hear you..though a happier circumstance would be preferred. The firefighters are wonderful and seem to be doing a good job. Let's hope that Mother Nature cooperates. Wishing you continued safety and an end to the fire!