Thursday, April 14, 2011

Golly Gosh it's a Post!.....

Dearest Readers,

Spring has sprung and it has taken me hostage with all its diversions!  I have been thinking and pondering and puttering....both inside and outside...poor Dearest, I can think of far more "projects" in one afternoon than he could ever finish in a lifetime!

First, our dear old home is in need of a paint job.  Now I could just paint it in the existing color scheme and call it a day, but what fun would that be?  Instead, I have scoured the pages of my Victorian Homes magazines, watched all my Victorian movies, and perused many historic Victorian home websites with the purpose of finding a color scheme that would both suit me and my very orange (not even close to red) brick home.  And the winner is......

The historic Hale House (click on picture to enlarge)

Of course, I do not have even a smidgen of the trim on my home compared to this gem, but I have always loved this combination (see orange brick WHOLE house is that color).  I didn't use the lighter shades of red, as I just don't have enough trim to add so many colors. I also think my scheme is a little more blue-green...yummy!

Here is a list of the paint colors...all are from (exclusively at Lowe's)Valspar's Natural Trust for Historic Preservation Series:

Dark Red:  Cliveden Henna Red 1008-7A
Dark Green:  Pine Forest 5007-8C
Medium Green: Twilight Meadow 5007-8A
Light Green:  Gentle Wave 5007-7C
(I tried scanning the color swatches, but they just didn't come out close to the true color)

I bought Valspar's paint with built-in primer....I "heart" this paint, it is $40/gallon, but it is soooo worth the price.

I am also using white in a couple of places to tie-in all the lattice and wicker. Coupled with the terra-cotta (which is a nicer way of saying ORANGE) brick, I will have 6 shades of color on my the "old gal"...hardly making the grade for a "painted lady", but she is a modest Victorian Farmhouse after all.

I am making painstakingly slow progress on the painting, as I have just been able to paint in fits and starts.  Once the weather stabilizes, I will finish in record to follow.

Hmmm....what else?

We have had quite a bit of tree murder trimming done here on the place, as one of our Walnut trees was sickened by blight and there was a grove of horrible sucker trees right where our garden expansion was to be. As these trees where either next to the house or incredibly tall, we decided to hire professionals to do the work.  You should have heard the "thud" when the old Walnut tree was finally shook the house.We kept the huge pieces of Walnut...such a beautiful wood...we hope to find a woodworker who might like it...we just can't bare the thought of using it for firewood.

Once we enclose the newly expanded garden, we will begin to build our greenhouse from recycled bits and bobs.  We have already accumulated two used windows, one is leaded glass and the other is a beautiful oval shape. We plan to go to Habitat for Humanity and purchase the rest of the recycled windows before we actually build the frame. I can hardly wait to have a greenhouse...what a long awaited dream!

I also want to paint my kitchen, but want to wait until we get the outside painting done, and the garden in.  After that, I will leave the building of the greenhouse to the "boys" in the family, hopefully, by that time I should be able to fling the windows open and paint the walls a wonderful dusty rose should be ever so cozy, I can hardly wait. 

By the time the paint dries in the kitchen, it will be time to paint the, did I mention I like to paint?  Maybe not so much by the end of this summer.

Anybody else painting their house?

Yours so kindredly,



Kimberly said...

I need to paint. I want to paint. I have the paint! Just waiting for Sweetheart to finish the new outlets and for us to figure out what to do about all the cracks in the 1920 lathe and plaster walls. btw-the paint we chose is Edwardian Lace. Lovely!

Nadine said...

Good Morning Shan!
We recently painted our living room and kitchen. We still need to paint our room and our son's room, but the gardening will need to come first! :)


Anonymous said...

we recently bought a house that needed to be repainted inside and out. i read in a decorating book to pick a fabric, such as for drapes, and choose the interior colors from that so they all coordinate. since i wasn't using fabric for anything, i chose the colors from my sunflower border in the kitchen, so my interior colors are browns, white, yellow and green. it all turned out beautiful. for the exterior, i chose a darkish green with brown for the gutters. i love it. i am very happy with the colors. we hired painters as there was so much to paint and we wanted it all done asap. :) joanna in ca.