Saturday, May 14, 2011

From My Little Home.....

Dearest Readers,

I write this from the cozy confines of my "chipmunk's nest" (to quote Tasha), where I am tucked in and warm.  It is so very gloomy just outside our door...we have welcomed Winter once again and are expecting a little snow this Eventide.

I do adore a day at home just to rest and curl up before the fire, even if I secretly would rather be puttering about in my is May after all.  But here in the foothills we know that Winter can linger and we so desperately need the moisture that I shall not complain.  (Please know that my prayers are with all my Dear Readers who have suffered amidst the storms and floods of this bitter Spring season.)

So, I shall keep tending the fire, keeping our home snug and welcoming until I am able to venture forth outside....Spring will come soon enough and I will be ever so busy once it arrives.

I have been looking out my windows throughout the day, watching the sky, searching for any sign of snow, hoping that it will not break branches or cause my tender flowers to suffer frostbite.

So far, just the gloom of low hanging clouds is keeping me company, offering a glimmer of light upon my windowsills.

Perhaps a little music would be in order to brighten the day....

Or maybe I will read snuggled up in my favorite chair....

No matter what transpires, I know that my little home suites me best, even on the gloomiest of days.....

Yours so kindredly,


Amanda said...

I have a red oil lamp that looks some what like yours. It belonged to my Husbands's great grandmother.(She used it because they had no electricty on the mountain.) It's a priceless treasure in my eye.

Beautiful photos!

Have a blessed SON-day!

Matthew 6:33

happy momma said...

Very lovely photos. I always find inspiration from your blog, you have such a warm and welcoming blog and home, it would be very pleasant indeed to spend a rainy day in such a nice place. God Bless

Manuela@A Cultivated Nest said...

Sounds cozy! I'm yearning for a rainy gloomy day so I can be inside and do indoor things. Sunny and in the 80's is gardening weather!


Kathy said...

Your home is lovely!