Tuesday, January 10, 2012

January...Soapbox Clean

Dearest Readers,

It is that time of year again....the time to make our homes and hearts Soapbox Clean! We find ourselves ready to scrub our homes shiny bright after all the holiday frippery is tucked safely away.  Everything looks so fresh, albeit a little bare, after all the pine and holly has been removed. What a wonderful time to look ahead to the unspoiled year that lies ahead!

As I have busied myself with the daily chores of packing Christmastide away, I have been thoughtfully pondering my inspiration for this new year.  As so many of my dear blogging friends have done, I too will summarize my thoughts with one word....CHARITY. 

Not just the charity of my pocketbook, but the charity of my time, thoughts, ideas, deeds and prayers! Too often, I find myself folding inward and staying tucked inside my own little world, so this year I  want to share much more with those around me, both near and far.

It is my intent to be charitable with my posting...this will be a bold step for me, as more often than not, I talk myself out of posting for fear that I will bore my readers to death! This is where I would truly like your help my dear friends....please let me know if there is something you would like me to share....

More pictures of my home?

Gardening...the greenhouse?


Victorian decorating tidbits?


What I am Wearing?
(I do admit that this is an area that I dearly enjoy reading/viewing on other fine ladies' blogs, but as I am quite self-conscious about posting pictures of myself, I need to find out if there truly interest in this subject, if so, I purpose to step out of my comfort zone and post pictures of my feminine attire.)

It would so embolden me, Dear Readers, to know that I am writing and sharing in a way that would enhance your day, even if only by the thimble full.

Yours so very kindredly,


Moxie said...

It would be wonderful to just see more of you! Think of it was a form of e-hospitality!! A way of opening your house and home to others....and sharing of yourself...whatever and however you wish....maybe that'll help any fears in there =]

Vicki said...

Hello! I love everything that you share! And I would like to see more of your home, clothes and lifestyle. You have such a calming effect on me that I would love to share in your everyday routines and your life in general. You could never be boring, even if you posted one picture and one line...I love it all. Thanks for being you, you are an inspiration!

susan said...

Hello - I have been reading your blog for a time. I find that when things get a bit hectic of overwhelming for me I enjoy coming to your blog as I find that it is a peaceful and beautiful place to be! So my answer would be more posts on"All of the above"!

Gina said...

All of the above! I truly enjoying checking your blog on a daily basis to see what new tidbits you will be delighting us with. Thanks for sharing and providing a quiet time for me. :) I always enjoy the music as well and end up looking for it on CD from the library so that I may listen at home.

Anonymous said...

I check your blog regularly to see the new things you're doing. I love it when you share pictures of your home. You often inspire me when you post on organization in the kitchen.

I would love to see all the things you've mentioned.

You won't bore me. You have many like-minded people out there who are inspired by you. It must be true since we keep coming back.

Best wishes to you and happy new year!

God Bless!

Anonymous said...

All of the above for me too. I love domestic blogs so feel free to share what you're cooking and baking, tidbits for making home more comfy and tidy, all things domestic. I've been reading here for years-rarely comment-and you never bore me. :)
Joanna in Ca.

Sue said...

Love your blog, but I am a quiet blog reader, I rarely comment. But I did have to reply on this post. Yes, yes, yes, share all the above mentioned. Would love to see the new ideas you have come up with.

Anonymous said...

I enjoy all your posts, too. I like your sewing and gardening ones most. Love your strawberry beds; I plan to sort of adapt them or the birds and my dog will get all the berries. Hope you don't mind.

Colo Junkett said...

You have a wonderful way of making everyday chores a joy.
T like your blog very much