Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Tuesdays with Tasha....and a Giveaway!

Illustration by Tasha Tudor
Dearest Readers,
Like so many of you, I have a sincere fondness for Tasha Tudor, not only for her lovely artwork, but for her lifestyle...she was not afraid to live her life on her own terms.  I often think of her when I am wearing my old-fashioned skirts and brooches, or when I am snuggled inside my cozy kitchen baking something scrumptious, and of course, when I am tending my garden...one of her favorite pastimes.
With that said, I am going to start a weekly series....Tuesdays with Tasha 
I thought I would start the series with inspiration from the above illustration of a Harvest Pantry found in "Forever Christmas" by Harry Davis.  Now, my pantry is not nearly as wonderful as this one, but it is now almost full-to-over-flowing with the bounty of the garden and orchard. 
I am happy to share the back parlour with a few spaghetti squash curing near the woodstove....

I was gifted with yet another bushel of apples from a dear friend...soon to be 'put-up' into apple pie filling....

And of course, the biscuit jar must never be empty, so baking a batch of cookies will part of my day.

from "Forever Christmas" by Harry Davis 

All in all, a very Tasha Day!
If you have a Tasha inspired day to share, please leave a comment with a link to your blog...I would love to visit. And I am sure that some of my readers would like to pay a house call.
Yours so kindredly,
If you would like to learn more about Tasha Tudor, please visit the Tasha Tudor and Family website
UPDATED:  There is still time to enter a lovely giveaway over at Rookery Ramblings...hurry it ends at midnight on October 10th!
I have received written permission from the Tudor family to include pictures from Tasha's books (just so long as they are photographs of the pages and not scanned images) along with quips and quotes. Thank you Natalie!


Shelley said...

Such a lovely post...I am also a Tasha fan...your home is beautiful..love the little fire place....blessings

simplicityinthemaking said...

This sounds delightful. Hope I have time to joy in with pictures.

villarosa said...

Lovely post! I've followed Tasha for 30 years or so.... such a delightful person, she was..... Thanks for doing Tasha Day each Tuesday! Will get to hear from you more often ~Smile.... Thanks for all you share(ed).

Anonymous said...

i just noticed you have your kitchen carpeted?? what on earth? :)

Shan said...

For Jo,

Yes, you do see carpet in our kitchen. It is a long story, but the short version is that when we began working on the house we thought that it would be easy to remove the linoleum in the kitchen...oh so wrong! It was securely glued with some type of hideous tar like adhesive and our fear was that it was also the type that had asbetos fibers.

Additionally, the kitchen sits right over a fruit cellar and depsite adding insulation in under the floor boards, it was extremely cold in the winter. I have arthritis in both knees (congenital issues) and I could hardly be in the kitchen during the winter.

Soooo.....we consulted with a carpet specialist who had just recently put the same commercial kitchen carpet in a B & B up in the mountains.

I have to say that I love it! It cleans very easily with just a damp cloth and I steam clean twice a year. It has a small pad underneath which makes it very comfortable for my bad knees.

So there you have it, a carpeted kitchen....not very common, but it works for us.