Thursday, June 27, 2013

Our Soldier Boy....

Dearest Readers,
We have been receiving letters from our Soldier Boy!  He is entering his 4th week of Basic Training and we now have an address where we can send him letters.  We also may send care packages as long as they contain only approved items...they are not very exciting, just hygiene and writing items, but it is so nice to be able to connect with our boy.
We received a 25 minute phone call on Monday...we had not heard from him, by phone, since the end of May.  You can be sure that we were smiling ear to ear and I did shed a tear or two after we hung up the telephone. 
I have set up a little "Post Office" downstairs in my craft room so that I have all the supplies needed to send out letters and packages. I am trying to have mail go out every other day so that he is hearing from home consistently. 
I would love to hear from any of my lovely Readers that have had a loved one serve in the Military, especially one of their sons or daughters.  This is a whole new experience for me and I feel a little lost at times.
Yours kindredly,

Monday, June 17, 2013

Summertime, and the living is easy.....

Dearest Readers,

My how this summer is flying by!  We have been tending to our home and garden, not to mention chickens, the greenhouse and all the other daily chores with a quiet purpose...taking time at the end of the day to take in all the goodness and beauty that surrounds us. 

Today it is partly sunny with a chance for rain...always a blessing here in the foothills, but especially welcoming with all the terrible fires that rage around our beautiful state.  We ourselves were once so affected, please know that we keep all our dear neighbors in our thoughts and prayers.

I can hear the sound of a lonely train whistle in the distance along with my chickens sweetly clucking...I just love having the windows open, the breeze and sunlight inviting themselves to visit, if only for awhile.

Just puttering today, spending time in the kitchen, the laundry is churning, I have a few bills to pay and want to head out to the greenhouse and garden and take a look at how things are growing.  I love days when I have nowhere to go, just staying home and enjoying the ease of summertime.
We will have leftovers from our Father's Day meal for our supper as we had a bounty of BBQ chicken, so now it will just be a matter of making a side dish and a small salad and dinner will be on the table...easy peasy lemon squeezy!  Father's Day was lovely, but Dearest was hoping (as we all were) to get a telephone call from our youngest Darling Boy (who is away at Basic Training for the Army).  Alas, the evening concluded with nary a ring.  Our boy...we miss him so.....
Well, my sweet readers, you must excuse me, I hear Dearest in the kitchen having a late lunch and I think that I will join him.
I hope to get around and visit all my lovely friends here in our little internet world. You are all so generous to share your ideas, thoughts and lifestyles. I sit in awe, just in awe, of all that you accomplish and hope to inspire me...truly.
As always, I am kindredly yours,