Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Christmastide Home Tour 2013

Dearest Readers,

Won't you come inside my cozy little home and share the blessings of Christmastide....

May the good Lord look upon you and all those you love this Christmas!

Yours so kindredly,


Simple Pleasure said...

Absolutely delicious…truly makes me nostalgic and longing for our 1871 Victorian…ah, the wonderful memories!
Wishing you and yours the blessings of this holiday season.
Busy Hands…Happy Heart

Brenda@CoffeeTeaBooks said...


Gayle said...

Loved the tour. What a peaceful beautiful home you have for Christmas. Thanks so much for sharing. I have to ask where did you get the beautiful cobalt blue cookie jar on your soda fountain? It's so pretty!

Shan said...

Dearest Patricia,

Thank you for your kind words and taking time to visit our little homestead. I am sure your lovely Victorian home was full of love and treasured memories.

Sending you God's blessings,

Shan said...

Dearest Brenda,

Your kindness and friendship are such a blessing. Thank you for stopping in to say Hello!

May the Lord bless you and your sweet family in the coming year!


Shan said...

Sweet Gayle,

Thank you for your very kind words! I strive to keep things peaceful and gentle during Christmastide here on our little homestead.

The cobalt jar is actually a Mr. Peanut jar that I purchased at our little antique mall. It is a reproduction and you might be able to find one on the internet.

I also wanted to say that I did not forget about the Thanksgiving napkin rings, but I neglected to grab a photo of them before packing them up and putting them in my little storage area. Grrrr.... So actually I did forget...hmmm....I forgot that I forgot...I am getting OLD!

I pray that you are blessed beyond measure this Christmastide and into the New Year!


Anonymous said...

Beautiful, Shan! My favorite is off course the soldier by the manger :) Always comforting to visit your blog. I definitely have to visit if ever in your neighborhood. Merry Christmas and may the Peace of Christ be with you and family into the New Year.

Kim said...

My dear Sister;
Taking the tour of your beautiful home brought back such wonderful memories of Christmases we've shared...Mother would be enchanted with your decorating!!! I thank you for this glimpse into your world, and miss you beyond words. Happy New Year, and God's Blessings for you and all the family...I love you!!!
Your "Little" Sis