Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Home and Hearth...

Dearest Readers,

I have longed to visit with all of you in this New Year of 2014, but my heart and priorities led me inward, towards home, keeping close to kin and hearth.

Dearest had knee replacement surgery in January and has been bravely moving forward through the long process of healing.  He will have his other knee operated on next month, hoping to be in fine fettle before the summer embraces us with all its diversions.  I have been his faithful nurse, offering cold compresses, hot soup and loving encouragement.  

We are now the proud parents of 4 Alpacas.  It is a long story, but they came to us around Thanksgiving and we have enjoyed their gentle ways, learning as we go about their care and feeding.  I promise a post dedicated to them....your heart will melt. 

There was time to organize my dear old cottage after all the Christmastide decorations were tucked away.  I re-arranged a few rooms, tidied closets and drawers and made a list of any little repair that might be needed. I also made a list (I keep it in my purse) of any item that I might want to look for at yard sales, antique shops, Goodwill, etc. throughout the coming year.  For instance, I have a darling print for the middle bedroom, but no frame.  Now, I could just go and buy a new one, but honestly, I would rather find an old frame, so I will be patient and look for a beautiful one...a lovely pursuit. Antiques, the gems of recycling...

This will be a year of concentrated effort to broaden our skills with regards to our garden, greenhouse and canning, drying and storing the bounty.  I fear that we are headed for some difficult times as a country, and I hope to be prepared to not only be a blessing to my own family, but to those who may need a helping hand. Keeping a full pantry and root cellar will be a very good place to start.

My sewing room has been long neglected, but will be a bee hive of activity as I  have need for some new aprons for the coming year.  I have a stash of fabric that will be put to good use...darling and favorite combination.

We have no big plans for projects this summer, just the usual maintenance that an old house requires, along with gardening, tending to our animals and enjoying the sunshine after the longest winter I can remember.

So, here I am, back to a routine, hoping to share my simple, lovely life in the coming is my dearest hope you will pour yourself a cup of tea, settle in and join me...I have sorely missed your company.

Most kindredly,