Tuesday, March 11, 2014


The lamp on the table was a Goodwill find...how lovely

Dearest Readers,

It is Wintertide...still...again....sigh....  The snow is coming down with great fury, sometimes sideways, covering everything and anything in a coat of white.  I have just returned from my sojourn outside...checking on critters, starting a fire in the greenhouse, and gathering more wood to keep the back parlour stove blazing...now it is time for tea!

The curtain on the left works wonders helping my dear little kitchen to stay warm!

I will endeavor to make my bread this afternoon, but first must warm-up our cold kitchen. If I close the curtain that leads to the dining room, I can harness the heat from the wood stove in the back parlour.  We do indeed have a furnace, but I keep the house relatively cool compared to the temperature that encourages bread to rise.  

This cozy vignette is in my kitchen....I love the light gleaming through the lace

While the snow lends it's luster to the out of doors, the shadows of the afternoon have crept inside.  I will have to light my lamps early today.....

A wall pocket in our entryway...it holds the very last addition of our beloved Rocky Mountain News

Now, I shall wait for Dearest to return home, tending to fires, baking, keeping a keen eye on our critters and looking forward to the warmer temperatures promised for later in the week. I have grown weary of this Wintertide and look forward in earnest for the warmth and joys of Springtime.

Yours kindredly,