Friday, May 30, 2014

Prayers Needed

Dearest Readers,

I was going to post today about all the little things in my cozy life here on Honey Hill Farm.  About alpacas, the garden, some sewing I have planned...just the simple everyday lovelies that make up our lives. And then we received a phone call from out Soldier Son....

A fellow soldier, his first friend in the Army, was killed yesterday in an aircraft accident in Afghanistan.

All the "little things of life" suddenly seemed to stop and fade away...

He was a joyous, sweet, kind, funny, newly married, young man.  His family, his delightful family, is heart-broken and asking to be remembered in everyone's prayers.  They are leaning in and laying down all their grief at His feet...searching for strength.  

If you would be so inclined would you please say a prayer for this family?  (I do not wish to disclose their name here on my blog without their permission.)

Also, all the young men who have served with him are in a state of shock and it would be very uplifting if they might be remembered in your prayers tonight as well.