Monday, July 28, 2008

Homekeeping......a celebration!

Dearest Readers,

As you may know, I change my little entryway alcove with each season or holiday.  With the end of July near and the long hot days of August ahead, I searched for inspiration.  I decided it was much too early for fall decorations, and there were no major holidays to celebrate.....hmmmm. 

So what is it that inspires me?  Where is my heart the happiest? I thought of the wonderful study that I have had the pleasure of reading at dear Peggy's newest blog: Homemaking - More than Dishes and Laundry, and then I knew..... my Home...yes, my dear home!

Everyday is a celebration of the things that bless and delight my family and provide comfort and happiness to others.....

                           Home, that place that inspires the gentle

art of Homekeeping..... 

I bless those around me by providing comforting and healthful meals.....

I enjoy the challenge and creativity of being a good steward of the bounty provided for my family.  By giving to the poor and helping those in need, I let the blessings flow forward.....

Using my hands, I eagerly create garments to adorn my dearest ones.  Hand-made treasures abound in my home creating a cozy nest for all who enter....

A cup of friendship awaits anyone who knocks.  Hospitality will be our feast.......

I am very blessed indeed to have a chance to celebrate this delightful "holiday" EVERYDAY!

Let the celebration begin!

I so hope that you enjoy your own celebration of the gentle art of HOMEKEEPING.

Yours ever so kindredly,


Saturday, July 26, 2008

Answering a Couple of Questions.....

Dearest Readers,

Every once in awhile I will receive a wonderfully curious question.  I have been answering by leaving an additional comment myself.  Hmmmm....I don't know if that is the best idea as I am not sure that my reader would check back to see if I have answered their question.  So what is a girl supposed to do? 

I have decided that I will save up the questions and make a little post just to answer.  So here are the latest ponderings of my dear readers.....

From Amy Jo:

"Is my whole house Victorian?"

A:  Yes, except for a basement bedroom occupied by our eldest son.  He has a degree in Computer Sciences and I am distraught happy to report that it looks like the NORAD Space Center.  I think to date, he has about 8 computers running.  He likes to build them, turbo charge them and well, I am not sure exactly what he does......hmmmm.  He is however, getting ready to return to College and pursue his Master's/PHD.  How many computers can we have in our house without installing another meter? I'll keep you posted

From Gloria:

"How do we like our Soapstone Woodstove?"

A:  We love it!  It takes longer to heat, but, my oh my, does it heat well when it gets going.  It "banks" wonderfully at night and you will still have enough of a fire in the morning to make starting a new fire easy!  We have a Vermont Castings in our front parlour and, while we love it, we would have to say that our Soapstone is better in the long run.

From Joanna:

"Are the couches in your back parlour new or old?"

A:  New. We bought these new here in Colorado at a place called Kacey Fine Furniture.  Unfortunately, this exact model is discontinued, but I think you could easily find something similar.  You might be interested to know that I picked my furniture BEFORE we designed the room.  We did a layout for everything: furniture, TV, stove....even the Christmas tree and village!  While it sounds down right nuttish.....we LOVE our room and everything fits just right. 

Well Dear Readers, I hope that if you ever have a question, you won't hesitate to ask!

Yours very kindredly,


The little lamp and telephone sit on a telephone stand that belonged to Great Aunt Lettie.  We store the "real" phone in the desk cubby below.

Friday, July 25, 2008

Garden Days......

Dearest Readers,

Oh my, the long hot days of summer are here!  It has been so dry and dusty here in the foothills.  We are blessed to have our own water supply here on the farm.  We have a well for our domestic use and a cistern and pond for all of our farm needs.  I cannot imagine our water bill if we were not self-sufficient in this way.  We do try to use our water efficiently and keep waste to a minimum. I keep a kitchen timer wherever I am so that I don't forget to move a hose or change from one zone to the next!

As you can see, Miss Caul E. Flower keeps a close eye on our garden for us.  She is extremely hard-working and doesn't charge a penny......

She is quite lovely in her gloves and pearls....she always looks so cool and collected.

Dearest and I have managed to have a cool glass of lemonade on the front porch in between our chores.  (Isn't it lovely...Dearest built this a couple of years ago.  We have enjoyed it ever so much!)

Speaking of Dearest building is the latest from the "wood shop"......

Now, who says that compost can't be beautiful?  It is a dream (hence the "dream-like" effect on this photo) to use and should provide us with wonderful compost for our garden and flower beds.

We are just beginning to gather a few vegetables.  At almost 6000' in elevation, we are a few weeks behind the city.  It will be much later for our cucumbers!  It seems that some pesky varmit was munching on them as fast as they came up.  I put a wall o' water around each one and now have quite a few healthy looking plants.  Aaahhh.... pickles and relish!  I certainly will be busy this fall with all the canning that I hope to do.

I hope you are all enjoying the "fruits of your labors" this summer.  Oh dear, time to move the hose!

Yours kindredly,


Top Photo: The "Garden Hat" is the newest addition to my porch decorations and proudly portrays my love of flower and vegetable/fruit gardening!


Thursday, July 17, 2008

For the Love of Books....Our Library

Dearest Readers,

It had been our desire to have a home library for a long time, so it was our delight to be able to design and build our very own Library.  This delightful room is actually a sitting area off of the Master Bedroom, a cozy spot for a good book and a cup of tea.....

The best part of the room has to be, well....the books!  All of us that dwell here at Honey Hill Farm are avid readers. We have collected the classics as well as some new favorites.....

We have library "check-out" cards so that those nearest and dearest may borrow a volume or two.  We only ask that they be returned...they are part of the family after all! 

From "Little House on the Prairie" to biographies of the great leaders of our time...Winston Churchill....Abraham Lincoln.....our little library has something for everyone.....

It is entirely too easy for one to while away an afternoon tucked away in this little haven.....

It is a lovely place indeed. 

I hope you have time in your day to enjoy a good book!

Yours kindredly,


Saturday, July 12, 2008

The Tour Continues.....

Dearest Readers,

I thought it would be most pleasant to invite you to tour my dear Honey Hill Farm once again.  So won't you step into our Back Parlour......

This lovely room was an addition to our "old girl" about six years ago.  Dearest, the Darlings and I did all the work ourselves.  The bead-board covers everything, from ceiling to the baseboards.  It took me 1 month to stain it all!  We used one part Early American and one part Cherry to achieve the color that we wanted. 

We lovingly call this room "The Coop" as it is fashioned after our favorite feathered friends!  This old incubator  was the inspiration for it all.  Dearest's Aunt Lettie sold eggs and butter to keep the farm during the Great Depression, so you can imagine our surprise to find this darling treasure in the fruit cellar when we moved in!  A few twinkle lights, some excelsior and fluffy chicks make this the focal point of our decorations.

Dearest added darling touches like this little corner with a built-in shelf.  It holds a charming display of....what else....chickens!

As you head down to the fruit cellar, you can catch a glimpse of a few of our favorite things.  This ledge was designed by Dearest to hold my Christmas Village come winter!  He is too clever!!!

Of course, you know I have tried to "Victorianize" this side of the room.  But that pesky TV just doesn't look quite right, LOL!  Oh well, I have been blessed with a darling husband who lets me decorate to my heart's desire in the rest of the I guess he has to have a spot that is just his!

The old Victrola sits on top of the very butter churn Aunt Lettie used to make her butter.  We have old records that were left here and enjoy playing them.  How fun it is to  look at the faces of the children who hear them!

This cozy room is a delightful place to enjoy a cup of tea.

Come this winter our Soapstone Woodstove will be blazing brightly. 

I hope you have enjoyed your tour of the Back Parlour.  It is always my delight to show you the corners of my home and have you in for company!

Now I must say goodbye and start my Crockpot Lasagna for our supper.....

Yours kindredly,


Friday, July 4, 2008

Happy 4th of July.....

Dearest Readers,

I just wanted to wish all of you a Happy Fourth of July!  May God bless America!   I hope that you have a wonderful day full of good fellowship and food, as well as sparkling fireworks to light up the sky!

Yours kindredly,


Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Patriotic Pride...

Dearest Readers,

It is time to show a little Patriotic Pride here at Honey Hill Farm.  The outside has been decorated with bunting and flags and now my attention has turned inward....

Clip art postcards, sporting a little glitter, mingle with drums, Holly Hobbie plates and pretty little flags....

One can almost hear the fireworks and big brass bands playing to celebrate our dear Country's birthday..... 

It is a delight to decorate for each season and holiday...a simple joy!

Please don't ever feel as if you must spend alot of money to enjoy decorating your home.  Everything here is from thrift stores, discount stores and printed right here on my own computer... and then it is glittered - of course!  You just need to put on a smile and use your imagination!

Yours kindredly,