Thursday, October 29, 2009

Oh, Glorious Snow.....

Dearest Readers,

I just returned from my front porch where the snow total is now just above 18 inches!  It is truly a winter wonderland out here on our dear old farm. 

As I type, Dearest is out plowing around all the family homes (there are four out here on the farm), making sure that anyone who is brave enough can get to town a little easier.  The local news has advised folks to stay home today and by the looks of all of the closures on the news report the roads should be fairly vacant.

Our dear dog, Shiloh, revels in all the snow!  She bounds through drifts and nips at the snow as it flies about...she still has a little puppy left in her even though she is getting on in years.  We have a very warm place during the day for her to sit and watch the world go by complete with a warm doggie sweater (which is not easy to find for a dog who is 87 pounds) and then in the evening she is put inside for the night under a cozy heat-lamp...'tis the life of Riley, as they say.

Our boys gave us a call yesterday to let us know that the college they attend was closing for the day at 2:00 and that they were home and fully stocked with food (Smarties and Dr. Pepper were mentioned and I pretended that I heard whole-grain cookies and fresh Boys and food...what could be better?

Even though I miss having the boys here in our home it is so much better to have them living close to campus as the road from our home would have been treacherous, if not impossible yesterday.  I thanked Dearest for making such a wise decision and keeping me from undue worry...I have enough gray hair as it is!

Our Darling Girl called after her shift at the hospital and she and I both (again) gave thanks for having found a very lovely apartment within a block of the ideal commute on a winter's day. She will have a few days off starting on Friday and we are hoping to get together and make Victorian scrap ornaments...she has the most darling ideas and I love to sit at her side and learn.

Let's see...what else...hmmm.....

Lots of reading, baking, soup-making and gathering bits and bobs to put in the children's (and Dearest's) Christmas boxes.  I like to be done with the bulk of my Christmas "gathering" by the first of December, so that I may enjoy the season and not be worn to a frazzle. 

Well, Dear Readers that is just about all the news from out here in the foothills of I will bid you farewell and go and refill my tea cup!

Yours so kindredly,


P.S. Sorry about not having any pictures, but I can't seem to load pictures right now...I will have to ask my Darling Boy about that.

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Monday, October 12, 2009

Our Cozy Home.....

Dearest Readers,

My, it is so nice to visit with you once again.  I have been having quite a few computer problems so my oldest Darling Boy offered to build me a new (to me) computer.  This is the same fella who housed NORAD in his he knows a thing or two about computers! I feel as if I traded in my horse and buggy for a moves pretty fast, let me tell you. Thank you son!

Dearest and I have been busy with the abundant chores required to ready ourselves for the upcoming Wintertide.  Hoses have been drained and stored, wood chopped and stacked...with more to be hauled down from the mountains, windows....caulked and sealed. The heavy velvet curtains hung, sparkling jars of every kind line the pantry shelves and the flannel sheets along with extra quilts extend their invitation for long-winter's naps.

In all the hub-bub, I have been puttering along trying to go through every box, drawer and closet in an effort to make sure that all the items in our home have a place and purpose. 

I felt like an archaeologist uncovering fantastic treasures as I sifted through boxes from the attic....I found four lovely antique gold tablecloths that I had purchased years earlier for a dinner party. I am not sure why I put them in the attic instead of in my linen drawer....I amaze myself sometimes!  I sewed a simple hem onto each one and they instantly became beautiful portières for the front parlour. I also came across four large tassels that now adorn said portiè Victorian and so FREE!  I now could move the current burgundy portières (they match the color of the paint perfectly) to the downstairs front bedroom where they could be used to curtain off the two closets.

A long-forgotten fabric remnant was quickly made up into a lovely curtain for the downstairs bathroom.  I had been looking for just such a thing for ages and here it was right under my nose! Why there was even enough fabric leftover to make a few lovely linen hand towels.

Appliances that were stuffed into the back of cupboards have either made their way into active duty or were bid adieu as they headed toward the charity shop. 

Now drawers are neat and tidy and everything inside is useful, beautiful and wanted.  Closets are orderly and offer calm instead of chaos.  The attic is home to just a few things instead of the long forgotten pile of boxes.  A blissful end to a rather extensive lovely.

So now Dearest and I are ready to begin tucking in during the quiet months of Wintertide.  The fires will be burning, hot cups of steaming tea poured, gentle evenings spent in the comfort of a neat and tidy little home...what could be better?

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Childhood Memories....

Dearest Readers,

Back in August, Dearest and I became empty nesters.  During that bittersweet time, I kept myself busy re-arranging and re-decorating the now empty bedrooms, starting with the front bedroom upstairs.

This charming and sunny bedroom has a little nursery off to one side, complete with a little window and darling built-in bench. At different times this room has been a bedroom, nursery and playroom for our children. With all of those precious memories still lingering in my heart, I decided to decorate with my collection of if I still have little ones here in the house...and they have just slipped out for a moment...

The room already had wonderful "bones" with the old Victorian bed, deep blue walls and rich red curtains and bedspread.  I gathered all the other red items that were scattered throughout my house and brought them all together...a pretty rug, lamps and junior-sized rocking chair covered in gingham felt right at home. 

The little table and chairs belonged to our children and have witnessed many happy hours of play..

Now the fun of putting all of my beloved toys and accessories in place could begin...

I raided my "School Days" box and my "Christmas Toys" box and the room now brims with little lovelies that any child past or present would enjoy...

Little dishes and blocks speak of long ago playtime...

The nursery now holds all of my "Baby" collectibles including this precious baby bed (absconded from the Master Bedroom)....the Sunbonnet Sue quilt which was given to me by my Grandma Fern...the Raggedy Ann was a Christmas gift when I was 8 years old (she holds a special place in my heart)...

What fun it has been gathering and decorating with such delightful treasures...

This decorating journey has been so cathartic for me, not to mention frugal....not a penny spent...just shopping in my own home where the price is always right.

The decorating is still in progress in the remaining two rooms... pictures will be forthcoming.

Yours so kindredly,