Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Taking Stock in the Kitchen...

Dearest Readers,

My lovely friend, Mrs. Tottingham, who resides here at Honey Hill Farm as my most welcomed guest, has invited me over for a visit....I always enjoy her charming kitchen.

Before the harvest begins in earnest, Mrs. Tottingham likes to take stock of the bounty she has put aside....just look at the lovely gathering in her wee-sized ice box....

Her kitchen is a marvel, as it is well-planned...only a pivot is needed from ice box to sink...

Her larder is quite full, but she knows that come winter she will need a few more provisions....

There is no time like the present, to "put by" all the wondrous goodies she can glean....isn't she a marvel as she looks well into the ways of her household!
I too, am busy gathering my jars, taking stock, thinking about "root cellaring" and drying all that I can muster from our garden and the farmer's market...what a busy time of year.

Yours so kindredly,

Thursday, July 8, 2010

My Very Own Soda Fountain....

Dearest Readers,

I have always wanted to have an old-fashioned soda fountain in my home. Imagine my surprise that I had all the necessities right here under my very own roof and had never even noticed!

It all started right after the Christmas holiday as we were about to put all the furniture back into its rightful place after taking down the tree. We had moved our bar from in front of the stairwell railing (where we always place the tree) and positioned it over in a little corner underneath a pendant lamp, where we usually have our chess table and chairs...they were residing in one of the spare rooms. All of sudden it hit me...this little vignette looked very much like a wonderful old photo I had of a Victorian era soda fountain! (See photo above.)

How incredible...not to mention timely, as I had wondered about even keeping the bar as it really didn't have much use for us as a family...we are not "bar" people. We were gifted this beautiful oak bar and it provided many years of use as an island in our kitchen until Dearest built me a much more serviceable table and we had the room to move it out of the way. Oh, how happy I am that I hung onto it for these past few years.

I wasted no time in finding bits and bobs to decorate my new inspiration! I already had the lovely Coca-Cola bottles...they used to be in my pantry. The little tin they are sitting in actually has an insert for condiments for a picnic and had been in the back of my cupboard. I picked up the very tall glass jar at Hobby Lobby on sale and it holds ice cream fun. And since this soda fountain is part of my back know that I had to add a chicken...with glasses!

I brought out my two penny candy dispensers and a thrifted jar to hold sweet treats. Portion control is easy when you dispense candy from these little gems...I provide the pennies!

I scoured charity shops for the Coca-Cola and Pepsi trays....very easy to find! I am always on the lookout for tins and such and it has been fun adding to the shelves these past few months. I enjoy the hunt as much as the finding!

I already had the Hershey's collectibles (chocolate bar eaten long ago with cardboard now wrapped up in the foil), the salt-water taffy box, scoop, Cracker Jack box and beautiful blue candy dish (it came from my Grandmother). I just sprinkled pretty candies around and added colored water to a few of my lovely bottles (they are up on the shelf in front of the mirror).

Even my pendant light was dolled-up with this stunning trim from, you guessed it...Hobby Lobby! I waited for it to go on sale as it is quite pricey...thank goodness I only needed a small amount. I think it adds such a "sweet" touch to this little corner.

Now don't you know that about the time that I started this project I was able to acquire this darling popcorn machine...for free! The top had been badly damaged so I used the same fabric that I had for the arm covers and added some Victorian one is the wiser. It works wonderfully well and really completes the feel for this end of my parlour.

What a fun endeavor this has been and continues to be as I patiently collect little bits here and there. Don't forget to look around your home, Dear Reader, and you may also find that you have the makings for something special right underneath your very own nose.

Yours so kindredly,

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Working Hard....

Dearest Readers,

I hope you don't mind the dust...I have been hard at work creating a background and banner of my very own.(I have made banners for quite awhile, but I needed a different template for Blogger).
As with most new things my endeavor proceeded with fits and starts, but overall I like the look and hope to improve my technique. It actually isn't too hard and now that I know the pitfalls, it shouldn't take quite so long to "decorate" my sweet home here at Blogger.
Yours tired, yet kindred,

Happy Birthday Son...

Dearest Readers,

Won't you join me in wishing my Darling Youngest Boy a Happy 21st Birthday! He is just the sweetest, funniest, most wonderful young man that I am privileged to call my son...

Happy Birthday Sweetheart!
Yours so very kindredly,