Friday, June 10, 2011

The Package has Arrived!......

Dearest Readers,

My package arrived and just look at the set of china that was gifted to me by my sweet Auntie and her Daughter!  The china is Noritake in the Mabel pattern and there are twelve full place settings along with various serving pieces.  You better believe I am just over the moon.

The china was purchased by a GI stationed in Japan, at the behest of my Grandma as a gift for my Aunt...she just had to trust his judgement as to the pattern....Why, I'd say he had wonderful taste!

My Auntie has always been a gracious hostess, not mention a superb cook and these dishes have provided many years of loyal service.  I hope that I can live up to the standards that they are used to, otherwise, there could be a mutiny in my china cupboard!

I want to thank my Auntie for thinking of me, and my sweet Cousin for all her painstaking effort into seeing that the dishes arrived safely....I am so honored to be the steward of this fine gift.

I have wanted a set of china for almost 29 years now, but nothing ever spoke to my heart or seemed just right...isn't it just like HIM, who knows our hearts and cares about even the simple things like pretty china, to bless us in unexpected ways!

Yours so kindredly,

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Homestead Musings....

Dearest Readers,

For those of you who have faithfully visited my long neglected blog and left empty-handed, this post is for you! I am sure you were under the impression that I had run away to join the circus or perhaps I was abducted by space aliens...alas, it was nothing so outrageous, just summer chores heaping themselves onto my "to do" list.

Now....the garden is planted...the trim on the house is almost completely painted....and the pantry is starting to look a little barren....

Time to take inventory and plan for my canning rampage you can see, sweet pickles (the top shelf) are a priority...dill pickles (the second from the top)...not so much. I also will need to put up a great deal of tomato sauce...we just never seem to have enough.  I most certainly want to can, freeze, dehydrate and tuck anything and everything I can fit into my root/fruit cellar...I am curious to see just how much I can "put-up" for my family this year. 

Canning jars are making their way upstairs...ready and able to hold the season's upcoming bounty.....
I believe that I will purchase a pressure canner this year...I have always been so leery of them, but after reading so many blogs regaling their virtues, I think I shall succumb.

We are making progress on our passive solar greenhouse...we have acquired all the recycled windows (Habitat for Humanity is wonderful), we now (thanks to Dearest's adept skills at auctions) have obtained enough cinder block for the back wall (for passive heat retention) and have the footers ready for cement.  Of course, there is still much work to be done, but it is moving forward!

The painter's are coming next week (hopefully) and they will tackle the upper roof line trim.  I am so thankful to be able to hand this job over to professionals.  Dearest and I are pretty much dyed-in-the-wool do-it-yourselfers, but we just did not want to risk life and limb for the sake of a fairly small investment. 

I am expecting a package in the mail either tomorrow or Friday...I will give you a hint...I have never had a set of these...and I have been married for almost 29 years.  Curious?  Well so am I...these are being gifted to me, sight un-seen from a beloved Auntie.  Stay tuned, I will post just as soon as they arrive!

Now, I must see to our supper and then I think I am going to curl-up in my easiest of easy chairs and stitch a little mouse just for fun.

Yours so kindredly,

P.S.  A note about PLAYLIST ...if you have not listened to your blog over the last few days and you have Playlist embedded, you may be surprised to find out that:

A. There is no longer an autostart feature available (for some, this is not an issue, but for me...since it is MY blog and the music I choose is an important component to the overall composition, I think I have the right to decide if I want the music to autostart and then let the visitor have the option to pause the music).

B. There are now COMMERCIALS playing every few songs...yes, is insidious! 

I found out about all of this by going into the Playlist forum...and let me tell you, there was quite an outcry! I deleted my account after receiving an e-mail from the the powers-that-be at Playlist that they were sticking to their guns and this was the new law of the land...well, no thanks! 

I am now using MixPod (see my player at the bottom of my can go to their website from the link, should you be interested). Hopefully, they will remain user friendly and commercial free!

Ooooh, sorry to be so long-winded...