Sunday, July 10, 2011

The Art of Contentment.....

Dearest Readers,

Contentment... being cozy and comfortable inside your own four walls... happy and loving with those around you... creative and inspired with the things you already have....

 keeping your servant's heart even when you have less than nothing to give.... making do..... enjoying your PB&J out in the garden.... mending....

tending.... putting by..... ignoring the lumpy bedroom carpet (that won't stay stretched).... covering worn spots on the sofa with a pretty throw and thinking it actually looks better that way.... pretty music....scented candles..... much needed rain.... all your children tucked in their beds at night.... your spouse by your side...

Contentment must be practiced....

Each day ended with prayers of gratitude sent lovingly towards

Contentment...yours for the taking.

Yours so kindredly,

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Looking Well Into the Ways of My Household.....

Dearest Readers,

I have been looking well into the ways of my household these last few weeks leaving little time for a thoughtful post.  There have been days full-to-overflowing with gardening, weeding, painting, mending and general homekeeping.

Right now, there is an abundance of spinach and radishes growing in the lettuce was very sparse and I will replant as I deplete the spinach.  As we live at about 6000 feet above sea level, we are just beginning to see tomatoes, peppers and strawberries and the pumpkins and squash are just setting their blossoms. 

I am still painting...yes, STILL PAINTING, the Victorian trim on my home.  The professional painters have come and gone and the trim around the eaves looks so lovely...I am so glad to have hired out that particular chore, especially in light of the time it has take me to scrape/caulk/paint the lower portion of the house!  Had it all fallen on my shoulders, this would be the epic DIY project of the decade. I sincerely promise to post a multitude of pictures when I finish.

As I mentioned above, I have a hefty crop of radishes and want to try making Radish Relish...has anyone made anything similar?  I had never heard of this, but it sounds quite lovely and would be so good on roast beef or bratwurst sandwiches.

Dearest is building the greenhouse, garden shed and a section of picket fence this summer, towards the back of the expanded garden.  He chose a darling barn style for the garden shed...we plan to paint it the same barn red that is on the house and we have a recycled oval window to let in light.  The greenhouse is just in the beginning stages and we have yet to find a recycled door to our liking.

Our grass feed beef arrived and is now stuffed into our blessedly full freezer.  Between the pantry and freezer, I have been able to use my weekly grocery money for fresh produce and stocking a very deep pantry.  I am so grateful to have the provision to do this, as I want to provide for my family and friends should a calamity arise.  (My good friend Brenda has assembled many wonderful posts on this very subject...see her sidebar.)

As soon as the dreaded painting is finished I have a new skirt pattern that I dearly want to make.  I have quite a bit of fabric leftover from other sewing projects that I would love to put to good use!  I haven't even made a muslin so I don't know if I will like this pattern, but I am keeping my fingers is Victorian in cup of tea.

Tomorrow we will celebrate our youngest Darling Boy's 22nd Birthday!  We are going to go to a very nice Chinese restaurant together.  On Friday we have to attend a funeral for my dear Aunt Marty...she was so very sweet and never had a harsh word for anyone, ever.

Blessing to all of you, my faithful Readers, your friendship and kindness are very much appriciated.

Yours kindredly,