Monday, November 28, 2011

Christmastide Decorating Questions Answered.....

Dearest Readers,

After many of years of charming and delightful visitors touring my little Victorian cottage during the Christmastide season, I thought I would share answers to some of the most asked decorating questions.

Q:  How do you decorate an entire house for Christmas?

A:  My abundance of greenery!  Believe it or not, I don't actually have that many Christmas decorations. (Dearest is snickering!)  Honestly, tuck a spring of greenery amongst your everyday items and all of sudden an entire room looks festive.  Take it a step further and start tucking greenery behind pictures on the wall, add some sprigs to your potted plants, snuggle them inside your china cupboard.  Whether real or faux, greenery is my number one decorating tool.

Q: When do you start your decorating?

A:  I used to start right after Thanksgiving, but I must confess that I now start about mid November.  I entirely love the languid pace that is afforded me when I allow myself the luxury of starting my decorating so early.  I like to clean and organize each room as I decorate, so the process is quite slow....but oh so enjoyable.

Q: How and where do you store your decorations?

A: I store all my indoor decorations in the fruit cellar, except for the gigantic Christmas tree that is stored in its equally gigantic box in the front bedroom is just too hard to lug that beast downstairs.

I like to think that I store all my decorations with some sense of organization....? Each room or area has a Rubbermaid tote that is labeled, it is then hauled from the fruit cellar to the corresponding room.  This makes it easy to take my time decorating and not have the house all sixes and sevens. Of course, I make sure to carefully pack things away and if I have added or changed things, I make a note and put that in the tote so that I am not confused the following year. (As I am always confused, one would question my method...but I digress.)

Q: How do you manage to decorate all of the individual Christmas trees?

A:  I will let you in on a little secret....I only decorate two trees in their entirety each year, my Victorian Parlor tree and my large Back Parlor tree.  All the other trees are tucked away, ornaments and all in a corner of my fruit cellar.  I cover them with a gigantic (very thin and light) plastic sheet to keep the dust off of them.  All I have to do is bring them upstairs and...voila....Victorian loveliness in an instant!

Q:  Do you feel like you live in a museum, especially at Christmastide?

A:  I have been asked this question many times (while this question might sound offensive, it is always asked with kindness) and my simple answer is No.  My home is very cozy and warm and my family is always comfortable within its confines.  Yes, I do have many collectibles, antiques and period pieces, but none of them are as important as the people who cross the threshold and step into my home, especially at Christmastide.

So there you have it Dear Readers, now pour yourself a cup of tea, put on some wonderful Christmas music and enjoy the delight of decorating your own cottage for this splendid Christmastide season!

Yours so kindredly,

P.S. I have added a little slideshow with snippets from last Christmastide on my sidebar for you to peruse.

Friday, November 25, 2011

Please Excuse the Dust....

Dearest Readers,

Please be so kind as to excuse the dust here on my dear little blog...I am decorating for Christmastide and I tend to make quite a mess in the process!

Yours kindredly,

P.S.  The Honey Hill Farm Christmas Home Tour will begin December 1st...please join me!

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Thanksgiving Blessings....Christmas Home Tour Reminder

Dearest Readers,

Just a few pictures of my beloved Honey Hill Farm taken during this season of blessings....

May the Good Lord Bless you this day!

Just a Reminder....
Please join me starting December 1st for
The Honey Hill Farm Christmas Home Tour
featuring The Front Parlour

Yours kindredly,

Thursday, November 17, 2011

The Tucked-In Season.....

Dearest Readers,

I write this missive ensconced in my favorite flannel robe which is layered snugly over long-johns... wool stockings upon my feet.  A blazing fire in the woodstove and a hot cup of tea are keeping me company.  'Tis the "Tucked-In Season" favorite time of year to be certain.

I have slowly been transforming our little home into a cozy chipmunk's nest complete with heavy velvet curtains adorning windows and piles of warm throws upon settees and chairs.  As Eventide draws near, the curtains are drawn against the chill of the night and we are, once again, cocooned inside our snug cottage.

I think that I feel more "at home" during this time of year than any other.  It is such a joy to put the kettle on, simmer soup, bake bread and pies and cakes while the clouds gather and the snow swirls. I adore the contentment in my heart as I ponder my heavy laden fruit cellar and pantry...summer's work is winter's blessing.

Evenings spent in my easiest of easy chairs, Dearest nearby, hand-work of one kind or another to keep my hands busy...such comfort and delight.  The night descends upon us so much earlier now, gently pushing us indoors, closer together, love gathered under one much happiness.

The"Tucked-In Season" has come of joys!

Yours so kindredly,