Friday, July 20, 2012

Pray for Colorado......

Dearest Readers,

We have had a terrible shooting here in a movie theater much loss and so much sorrow.  Please pray for all the families that are suffering on this sad, sad day.

Yours kindredly,

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

The Greenhouse...a Tour

The entrance to the garden along with the garden shed and greenhouse 2012
Dearest Readers,

It wasn't until I received a sweet comment from a reader asking "Where are has been two months since you last posted", that I realized how long I had been away!  Time flies when you are busy and we have been busy as bees here on Honey Hill Farm....

I have so much to share with you and I thought I would start with some pictures of the greenhouse. 
Here is the entrance! 
 We used a recycled door, recycled leaded sidelight and a pretty piece of stained glass for the transom. The door opens outward (for space considerations inside) and I have a hanging screen in the doorway to keep pests outside.
 Dearest also added pavers in the front to keep the mud at bay...
Looking in through the door...not much going on at this time of year, just a few little plants making themselves at home.
All of the windows are recycled.
The wood you see is for the little black woodstove that sits directly across the room.
The white barrels are for water storage during the winter...

A solar fan keeps the heat at a consistent temperature, while the paper lanterns are just for pretty!
We have solar lanterns (on the right) for light during cloudy days and starry nights...
Instead of curtains I used a variety of linens that I bought at an auction (a very large box of linens for only $ was an incredible buy!)

The business end of the you can wash your hands in water warmed by the sun (I just used a hanging solar shower and covered it in pretty fabric...the water doesn't get hot but instead it is pleasantly warm.)

My "sink" is an old pail that has been set into the potting bench....
Underneath the removable sink is a large barrel full of potting soil. You just pot-up your flowers or veggies and scoop the extra back into the barrel...easy peasy!

Looking from the potting bench can see the pretty glass above and alongside the door!
The fabric skirts hide all the various gardening paraphernalia and make the greenhouse a pleasant place to spend time....

My veggie certainly keeps the dirt out of my kitchen....
The red back wall is part of the passive solar system...the blocks are filled from top to bottom with cement, so that they retain heat from the sun shining on them.  Then, in the evening, they release the heat back into the greenhouse...the same goes for the gravel floor...a simple system that works quite wonderfully!

(If you have any questions about how the greenhouse works or the construction, please leave them in the comment section and I will answer them there. Although, I may have to enlist Dearest's help to answer anything technical.)

Glad to be back!

Yours kindredly,