Wednesday, January 16, 2013

A Clean Slate......

Dearest Readers,
Whew!  I have finally finished putting away the Christmastide decorations and have put my beloved Honey Hill back in good and proper order.  What a wonderful feeling to have a clean slate all ready to be filled with various and sundry pleasantries in this new year of 2013!
It has started off rather cold this January and much time and energy has been put forth to keep both the animals and plants (in the greenhouse) happy and warm.  Not to mention, the comforts required to keep body and soul agreeable. However, it is going to be in the upper 50's today and the sun's warmth is a welcome respite indeed.  I shall fling open the curtains and let the sunshine chase away the shadows!
Dearest and I plan an outing with our Darling Girl tomorrow and our looking forward to seeing her as we have kept our distance these last two weeks.  We have both been passing around some type of bug...not quite the flu...but perhaps it is a distant cousin, and thought it best to keep it to ourselves.We shall visit the Brass Armadillo, one of our favorite places, and spend an enjoyable day scouring its shelves for a bit or a bob to bring home...doubtless entertainment assured.
I have been obsessed looking over my many gardening books and seed catalogs and will be ready to place my order very soon.  I am thinking I shall try to grow some determinate tomatoes for canning, along with some indeterminate tomatoes for summer eating...any advice from a learned gardener would be most welcome. Of course, I will plant the usual..carrots, peas, beans, potatoes, onions, cucumbers, and pumpkins.  I also have raspberries, strawberries, blackberries and grapes.  All in all, I think it will be a very well rounded garden and I am praying that we will have abundant rainfall this year.
My sewing basket is filled with aprons for both myself and my Darling Girl, a very cute fleece vest pattern and I want to make a few faux shades for the upstairs bathroom.  On the crafting end of things, I have some beading of necklaces and pins, embroidery, and I am still learning how to crochet.
The fruit cellar has been re-orgainzed and cleaned and I have need of a few more lights which Dearest has graciously offered to install.  I bought a Foodsaver, with the jar sealing attachment, and I am excited to be able to successfully store the drygoods that I purchase in bulk.  I have become much more attuned to the need for food preservation and I am trying to learn as many techniques as possible.  I do not want to sound like Chicken Little, but should there be an event that causes a crisis in our lives, I want to be able to take care of those around me, and a nice warm meal would be a good way to start.
My, oh my, what a wonderful affair this idea of a clean slate brings!  A whole year with no mistakes in it!  I hope that you will fill yours, dear reader, full to over-flowing with blessings and delight.
Ever so kindredly,