Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Still Here.....

Dearest Readers,

Goodness gracious, I am back to posting here on my little blog!  I was away far too long, but our family has been going through some changes, and I wanted to keep my priorities in the right place as we journeyed through these ups and downs.

First and foremost, our youngest Darling Boy joined the U.S. Army!  He has wanted to become a soldier as far back as I can remember, so we were only a little shell-shocked when he took the steps to make his dream come true.  He moved home for a short while, giving away most of his possessions, boxing his treasures, and spending as much time as possible with us before leaving for Basic Training.  We all miss him terribly, but we know that this is his heart, his choice.  We also have faith that he is in our Father's keeping.  You might guess that I have shed a tear or two, and you would be right....tissues are close by and used at the oddest of times. 

We lost our beloved dog, Shiloh, in was so sudden and unexpected.  Our vet was befuddled and completely at a loss to explain her passing.  We buried her in her favorite digging spot, wrapping her in her doggy blanket, telling tales of her antics, and crying.

I still think I hear her little dog tags tinkling...and for a moment I say her name...then I remember.

Our oldest Darling Boy flew to Iceland and our Darling Girl traveled to Florida in the month of April and we made four trips to our far-flung airport.  We have decided that it is much more fun to go to the airport when you are the one getting on the plane and have vowed that the next time we go we shall have suitcases in hand!

Our Darling Girl graduated last week with her Master's Degree in Pediatric Nursing!  The graduation ceremony was very lovely, albeit long, and we had a nice celebration at our favorite restaurant complete with decadent cheesecake for dessert. It was bittersweet, as we were one shy of our full family, now that our youngest is serving his country and not able to attend.

The garden and outside chores have called our names and we have begun to get things in was such a late spring that I have not even put out my tomatoes yet.  I will have to see what the rest of the week brings and then hopefully, have everything planted by the first of June. 

Well, my faithful and long suffering readers, I have many and varied posts swirling in my mind that I wish to share with you: pantry/food storage, cooking with my solar oven, what is happening in the greenhouse, a new chicken coop, and of course, Victorian decorating! I hope you will check back often as I am energized with new vim and vigor and will endeavor to make your visits worthwhile.

I have missed you all so very much...thank you for your patience.

Yours most kindredly,