Thursday, December 24, 2015

Christmastide 2015....

Dearest Readers,

Please enjoy a little glimpse from my cozy home this Christmastide.....
HoneyHill's Christmas 2015 album on Photobucket
May your Christmas be blessed!


Wednesday, December 23, 2015

The Little Creatures Were Stirring.......

Dearest Readers,

Here we are almost upon Chritmastide....the wee mice that share our home have been busy scurrying about making preparations for the festive day!

Why, Mr Tottingham can't believe his eyes!  Just look at the lovely present from his Mrs.!

Mrs. Hottentot's sister, Emma, is always a help in the kitchen!

And cheese, glorious cheese, makes Christmastide the most wonderful time of the year!

Of course, stopping by for a Christmastide tea is the loveliest way to spend an afternoon...

Now, I must return to my own preparations and ready my cottage for family and friends!  I will post more photographs of my cozy home tomorrow....


Saturday, December 5, 2015

A Little Addition on Our Homestead

Dearest Readers,

Just this morning, we had a new little one join us on the homestead....  Won't you welcome our little baby alpaca....George Eustace!  He is getting along well and such an adorable little fellow.  The name was chosen after one of our Darling Girl's 4 year-old patients, told her that George was the most "clacksical" name she knew.  Isn't that adorable!

What a lovely surprise this December morn....


Friday, November 27, 2015


Dearest Readers,

I have returned to this lovely little spot once long away....sigh.....

I honestly don't have a reason for my absence, just a pause, a stepping back and deciding what is most important and needed in my life.  I have missed my nest here and missed visiting with I am once again returned....

We are home today....tucked into our warm, cozy house.  The fires are lit and the coffee is brewing, lamps lit to chase away shadows in the deep corners.  I will soon start the wash and then I am going to pack away my beloved Autumn decorations and clean the cobwebs away.  We will put up the tree and wait until our family is home on Sunday to decorate it, with all the bits and bobs we have collected over the years.

I am ever so grateful that we took advantage of the warmth of last week and put up the outside decorations.  All is festive upon driving up our road, and it speaks to my heart. Monday will usher in my favorite pastime.....decorating for Christmastide!  I plan to decorate this little blog too, so don't mind the dust and bother.

It feels right and proper to be sitting here chatting......I'm home once again.


Monday, April 27, 2015

Catching Up.......

Dearest Readers,

I have been long away from this lovely spot and thought it high time to sit awhile and visit with you....

We have been tending to our home, garden, critters and most importantly, to our family and friends since the last posting.  Our lives have been a mixture of busyness and serenity with a challenge or two thrown in just to keep it interesting.  Somewhere along that dusty path, I lost my footing and for one reason or another I have not been terribly inspired to write here on my little blog.  Well, that time seems to have passed and I have brushed away the cobwebs and will endeavor to begin this journey again.  I hope you will come along.....

Our greenhouse has been a tremendous source of joy and astonishment, as we are amazed at the variety of plants that not only survive, but thrive.  We have had limes, one orange (we savored it) and beautiful Meyer lemons!  I froze the juice and used the peels to make lemon extract for my Christmas gifts for this year.  Right now we are coaxing little seedlets to make their way into the world so that we may plant them in the garden.  We also have hanging baskets with various herbs, strawberries, cucumbers and zucchinis.  Our tomato finally wore itself out, but we had quite a few this fall and early winter.  I will plant a different variety in the greenhouse for this upcoming winter because it is ever so satisfying to go out and gather a fresh salad while the wind and snow swirl around you!

I have had many enjoyable moments reading during this long are a few new favorites:


I so look forward to planting my garden and getting things ready for canning, drying, freezing and enjoying right from our garden basket!  

Well, I must go and tend the is a cold, gloomy day...but it will be in the 70's by mid-week...lovely.  I will visit again, and share with you this journey we call homesteading....

Yours so kindredly,

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